Course Title: Designing and Facilitating Professional Development Events that Promote Student Success. (Prerequisites: Completion of both an On Course I and On Course II Workshop plus completion of the 3-credit graduate course titled Strategies for Empowering Students to Become Active, Responsible Learners) This course is offered online by the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Spring Semester only.

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Course Description: Participants in this advanced course will not only add to their repertoire of student-empowerment strategies, they will also learn how to design and deliver effective professional development events for educators on their campus. Thus, this course is intended to improve the participants’ skills in designing and delivering student success strategies to students and to fellow educators. These workshop presentation skills are drawn from best practices in academic curriculum design, learning preference applications, active learning strategies, learner-centered instruction, corporate training, and personal development seminars. This course is appropriate for college educators across the curriculum who seek advanced, learner-centered strategies for empowering students to succeed and who may also want to assist their colleagues to learn and implement effective student success strategies. (3 Credits)

Course Objectives: Students in this course will…

A. Learn and implement advanced success strategies for empowering students to become self-responsible, self-motivated, self-managing, interdependent, self-aware, emotionally intelligent, and self-confident lifelong learners.
B. Learn and implement proven principles for designing and facilitating effective learner-centered professional development events featuring success strategies that empower students to become active, responsible learners.
C. Engage in a discussion-board conversation with classmates, exploring and evaluating the effectiveness of their implementation of learner-centered success strategies with both students and educators.
D. Continue their interaction with an international community of many thousands of college educators (via the On Course e-Newsletter) exchanging best practices for improving student academic success and retention.
E. Publish for an international community of many thousands of college educators (via the On Course e-Newsletter) their experiences and outcomes of implementing learning-centered success strategies for empowering students.

Course Requirements: Successful students in this course must…

1. Attend an On Course II Workshop in its entirety (21 hours). Dates and locations for all On Course Workshops are posted at

2. Read the text On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life by Skip Downing and the accompanying online facilitator’s manual (Cengage Learning). Complete Journal Entries 11-21 and submit them to the instructor.

3. Read and write a review of one book in the bibliography for either TCHG 6530 courses.

4. Implement for students at their college one learner-centered student success strategy that they design themselves or learn from a source OTHER THAN an On Course Workshop, On Course text, facilitator’s manual, or web site; write an article describing the strategy as well as the outcomes and experiences of implementing it; and post the Article on the course discussion board.

5. Design, implement, and record (VHS or DVD for visual playback) a learner-centered professional development event (90 or more minutes) for educators at their institution, presenting student success strategies learned at an On Course Workshop or found in the facilitator’s manual for the On Course text; write an article about the outcomes and experiences of presenting the training event and post it on the course Discussion Board. Students must send an audible recording of the event to their instructor and their Success Team members. The event must be attended by at least 15 participants (college educators) who turn in an evaluation.

6. Give helpful feedback about all Articles posted on the Discussion Board by their Success Team members.

Course Assignments, Grades, Text and Bibliography