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Course Title: Strategies for Empowering Students to Become Active, Responsible Learners (Pre-requisite: completion of an On Course I Workshop) This course is offered online by the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Fall semester only.

Course Description: This course focuses on practical strategies for empowering college and university students to become active, responsible learners. Participants in this course learn a variety of highly effective learner-centered methods that not only appeal to various learning preferences but also motivate students to take charge of their own learning. These methods are drawn from best practices in psychology, education, business, sports, and personal effectiveness. Additionally, participants learn to apply the seven domains of influence by which educators can guide students to achieve greater academic success. This course is appropriate for college faculty from all academic disciplines, instructors of college success courses, counselors, student affairs staff, TRIO personnel, and administrators seeking strategies for improving student academic success and retention. (3 Graduate Credits)

Course Objectives: Students in this course will…
A. Learn and implement proven strategies for empowering students to become active, responsible learners who are self-motivated, self-managing, interdependent, self-aware, emotionally intelligent, and self-confident.
B. Learn and implement effective learner-centered strategies. These strategies fall into one or more of seven domains available to educators for influencing the stated and collateral learning of students: 1) College and Classroom activities, 2) Assignments, 3) Evaluation and Feedback, 4) Modeling, 5) Environment, 6) Policies and Rules, and 7) Programs and Curricula.
C. Engage in a discussion-board conversation with classmates, exploring and evaluating the effectiveness of their implementation of learner-centered educational practices for empowering college and university students.
D. Become part of an international community of many thousands of college educators (via the On Course e-Newsletter) exchanging best practices for improving student academic success and retention.
E. Publish their experiences and outcomes of implementing learner-centered educational strategies for empowering students. Articles of appropriate quality will be published in the On Course Newsletter, an Internet publication with more than 50,000 subscribers from colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, and around the world.


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