Success: Timeless Wisdom (Quotes)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    •The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes. ~Benjamin Disraeli
    I believe that success, often mistaken as “luck”, is the intersection of preparedness and opportunity. We must work hard all the time, despite our adversities, always being diligent to recognize when opportunity presents itself. If we maintain being always prepared we will forever be equipped to seize an opportunity that could appear unannounced at any moment. Such opportunities usually materialize at the most unexpected times. It is at these times that our perseverance, while being patient, will prove most valuable. Always being prepared to spring when the right opportunity arises is our best chance to capitalize off of those rare chances that exist. Also, a good ability to discern, will help us differentiate between unfruitful opportunities and genuine ones. It is my hope, that learning things from classes such as this, will increase our abilities to identify the genuine and not so much so opportunities that appear to us as we watch for them.

    Rich Melella

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