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1.Strategy: Graduation Game (Ring Toss)

Application: Art

Educator: Richard Florez, Faculty, Art, College of the Sequoias, CA

Implementation: After conducting The Graduation Game in my art class, several of the students introduced to this exercise commented that physically going through the motions made a point they all felt they knew intellectually, but not had realized in such an effective/important way as was illustrated by doing the ring toss. Two students from one class alone talked to me later about how their work and commitment to school and their education has greatly improved just because of the haunting lesson left by playing the game. They have perfect attendance (so far) and an involvement in their coursework (in my class) like I have not seen from either before.

2. Strategy: 32 Day Commitment

Application: Three Dimensional Design, Art class

Educator: Kenneth Wenzel, Faculty, Art, Century College, MN

Implementation: Working visual artists understand the power of, and need for, daily sketchbook notations. Many students underestimate the importance of this tool. Students make a 32-Day Commitment to work at least 10 minutes each day making visual notations in their sketchbooks.  They can be rough or polished, and do not have to directly relate to class assignments. The idea of this activity is to get art students fully engaged in the process of using their sketchbooks. After the 32 days, discuss its impact on their art work.

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