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1. Strategy: DAPPS Rule, Desired Outcomes & Gallery Walk

Application: Leadership Workshops/Club Retreats

Educator: Meena Naik, Student Activities Assistant, Skyline College, CA

Implementation: Within a leadership development workshop for groups such as student government or clubs, use the creation of “desired outcomes” as a way to connect students to a group purpose.
1) After explaining the DAPPS Rule, have students individually develop 3 desired outcomes for the group to accomplish during that semester or year.
2) Have students post their desired outcomes on the board or easel-pad sheets.
3) Lead a discussion of the various posted outcomes, combining similar ones.
4) Using a gallery walk, have students vote on their top three desired group outcomes for the semester or year.  Afterwards, determine the top 5.
5) Have the group identify the observable behaviors and actions needed to reach those goals.
6) Periodically, have the group revisit their progress and determine if they need to change outcomes or behaviors.

2. Strategy:  Wise Choice Process

Application: Student Ambassadors/Orientation

Educator: Cristina Buzas, Orientation Manager, Washtenaw CC, MI

Implementation: Student ambassadors are matched with incoming students so they can serve as peer mentors.  In preparation for this role, demonstrate the wise choice process in a training session.  As practice, have each student ambassador identify an issue s/he would like to resolve and would be comfortable sharing with someone else.  Then, in pairs, one student shares his/her issue, and the other employs the wise choice process to help his/her partner resolve the problem.  Then, they switch roles and repeat.  After both have practiced, have the group debrief the process, giving particular emphasis to how they can use this decision-making process with their mentees.  Provide each student ambassador with the wise choice process on an index card so they can keep it with them as they work with their mentees.

3. Strategy: Eight Choices of Successful Students

Application: EOPS Peer Advisors

Educator: Yesenia Balcazar, Coordinator, EOPS Student Services, Mira Costa College, CA

Implementation: Peer advisors make a commitment to work in our office for one year. During the summer they go through an intensive one-week training to get them ready for the fall/academic year. I introduce the 8 principles of successful students in the summer training and then incorporate them in our weekly training sessions for the fall semester. We reinforce a different principle each week.

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