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1. Strategy: 32-Day Commitment

Application: Human Resources or Any Course

Educator: Mary Schils, Department Chair, Human Resources, Fox Valley Technical College, WI

Implementation: Most of my students are adult learners and have a great deal on their plates. I suspect they have little time to consider their own personal wellbeing, often to their detriment. I ask each student to make a 32-Day Commitment specific to their own health/wellbeing; no work related commitments allowed! This commitment meets both a short and long term goal. Short term: the students take better care of themselves and enhance their chances for success in college. Long term: As future HR professionals, they will deal with employee issues surrounding work/life balance (or imbalance as is often the case). The 32-day commitments will be a tool they can use with future employees, and one that they have personally tested!

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