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1. Strategy: V x E = M (Formula for motivation)

Application: Library

Educator: No Name Given, Bay College, MI

Implementation: I sometimes get disgruntled or frantic students who need help finding material for their research paper. Often I hear, “I don’t understand why I need this course” or “This is just stupid.” By explaining the motivation equation, I can sometimes help a student realize why they are lacking motivation in getting their research paper finished. We talk about the value they could get from the course and what they can do to raise their expectations of doing well. Sometimes hearing motivation discussed in such simple terms helps them change their attitude about and/or their approach to the course and the assignment.

2. Strategy: Eagles and Hawks

Application: Information Literacy Library Science (Citation Examination)

Educator: Fitzgerald Georges, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Bergen Community College, NJ

Implementation: Pair your students using the Eagles and Hawks activity. Using an existing research assignment that students must complete, assign each student 3 bibliographic citations (Use any desired format: MLA, APA, etc.). Citations should represent a variety of sources: books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, electronic database articles, etc. Instruct students in their pairs to identify the components of one citation each for the purpose of physically locating the cited material: library stacks, databases, bound periodical indexes.  Take turns having the Eagles or Hawks  “fly “ so that each student matches up with a different person to locate all their materials. By identifying the components of their assigned citations students will learn how to locate new sources of information on their topics.  They will also recognize the value and importance of utilizing a bibliography to gather additional sources of information.

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