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1. Strategy: Desired Outcomes/Experiences, Tracking Form, Success Teams

Application: New Student Orientation

Educator: Alan Parks, Director, College Success Program, University of Maine, ME

Implementation: In our one-week Orientation Session held prior to the start of the fall semester for first-year students in our developmental studies program, we use Desired/Achieved Outcomes and Experiences Charts for the students to set personal goals for the week. Students then complete an adapted 7-day Tracking Form to set their action steps for achieving their goals during the week as they prepare to start their college careers. In Success Teams, they monitor and support each other’s progress. Reporting out includes questions and strategies on how to get additional information and set next steps to achieve their desired outcomes and experiences.

2. Strategy: Professor Rogers’ Trial (Case Study)

Application: New Student Orientation

Educator: Annette D. Fields, Faculty, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, AR

Implementation: Present Professor Rogers’ Trial during new student orientation (ours has about 600 students and their families attending). After presenting the case study, ask the audience who they thought was most responsible for the group’s grade of "D." The discussion enables student an opportunity to visualize they challenges they may experience in a college class where they are expected to cooperate and work well with classmates.

3. Strategy: Success Teams

Application: New Student Orientation

Educator: Amanda Doyle, Coordinator of Advising, Pulaski Technical College, AR

Implementation: During New Student Orientation, form success teams in each session. Have students exchange contact information that they are comfortable sharing (email, cell phone, Facebook, etc.) so they have the ability to stay in contact after the Orientation ends. In addition, appoint a faculty or staff member to each team so the students have a contact person on campus. This strategy helps students form a connection to the campus through their fellow students and the faculty or staff member.

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