Here is a classroom strategy that I use in class with the On Course text. Each semester I have student groups present an On Course chapter. I present the first two chapters to model for them. Below you will find the guidelines for group presentations. The feedback has always been positive. The students love the challenge of working together, being creative, presenting to the class, etc. Some of the more creative presentations have included skits, videotaping, and chapter presentations. It’s fun for all of us, students and instructors and, well, isn’t that what it’s all about? Enjoy!!!

On Course Student Group Presentation Guide Sheet

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to actively participate in your learning, teach others what you have learned, and practice the art of public speaking in a safe and supportive environment.  You may already know that each of us has different learning styles; some learn by hearing (auditory), some by doing (tactile), and some by seeing (visual).  We generally utilize all three areas, but we tend to have strengths in one of the listed areas above.  It’s important to keep this in mind when presenting your chapter to the class, in fact think about how you would like information presented to you! 

As your familias [student groups] begin to meet and discuss various group assignments, be sure to keep everyone involved in the planning process.  Remember we all have different strengths and areas that need to be developed.  This assignment should be fun and yes, somewhat challenging, but remember you are all working together for a common cause and that is “Learning to build student networks or learning communities” with each other. 

Assignment: Each Familia will present an assigned chapter to the class from On Course. All students will still be responsible for coursework reading, journal writing, and group discussions as assigned for each chapter presentation.

Group Assignments: Groups will need 2 Presenters, 2 Visual Aid Preparers, 2 Note-takers/Typists. Remember everyone must read and understand the chapter your Familia is presenting.

Presentation Points:  50 points for each group member.

Timelines:  Each group will have at least two class sessions for the presentation and class activity if needed.

Class Accountability: Each group will prepare a short quiz for the class based on your presentation.  The quiz will include 5 questions.

Presentation Guidelines:  Your group presentation must include the following areas:

  • Chapter Introduction: What is the chapter about, what will students learn and/or what are the chapter goals?
  • Provide examples of what was learned; engage the class when possible.
  • Use chalkboard, overheads, video, poster boards to demonstrate the topic.
  • Utilize one in-class activity from the chapter.
  • Utilize one journal activity from the chapter.  

Familas:  Be sure to ask me questions if you are unsure of the presentation or if you need  clarification prior to your presentation. 

Don’t forget… Have fun with the assignment!

–Stephanie Rodriguez, Counselor, Puente, El Camino College, CA 

*  *  *  *  *

I was so pleased to read the suggestion about the students presenting a chapter for the class!! One of our tutors came into the office the other day, and we had already heard through the grapevine about her wonderful idea….we usually like the tutors to tutor in small groups of 4…she had only one student, so she decided he would be the professor and teach her everything he had learned in class as if she were the student.  She said it was amazing!!!!  He had learned so much more than he ever thought he’d learned, and by presenting it to her, he was “owning” the information instead of “renting” it for a brief time and taking a test and then forgetting.  This is a math tutor, and a lot of math tutors think that doing the problems over and over is the ONLY way to learn math.  Trying to undo their thinking is sometimes a challenge, and this tutor has really shown that there are other ways to approach learning AND make it fun!

–Mary Beth Willett, Tutoring Center, University of Maine, ME

* * * * *

I have used a similar class presentation strategy to enhance active learning.  Nursing students select a nutrient from the nutrition course syllabus and develop a marketing sales pitch to “sell” their nutrient to their classmates.  Students have done mock radio newsflashes, panels of experts, a cafe menu, songs, dances, and videos.

–Eileen Klein, Nursing, Austin Community College, TX

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