“We are investigating ways that instructors can enhance student understanding, by promoting active learning in the classroom and pursuing strategies that meet the needs of diverse students.” This site offers a free on-line version of the VARK inventory (VARK is an acronym made from the initial letters of four sensory modal preferences: Visual, Aural, Read/write and Kinesthetic). “The inventory is widely used in educational institutions around the western world and has received high acclaim from students and professors for its powerful simplicity, its ability to spark discussion about learning and the fact that it makes intuitive good sense.” A source of information about Problem-Based Learning from the University of Delaware. “Problem-based learning (PBL), at its most fundamental level, is an instructional method characterized by the use of “real world” problems as a context for students to learn critical thinking and problem solving skills, and acquire knowledge of the essential concepts of the course. Using PBL, students acquire life long learning skills that include the ability to find and use appropriate learning resources.”  Strategies for encouraging students’ appreciation for and use of questions.

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