The final exam for my On Course student success class (see below) requires that the students project their success into the future.  This has garnered some unbelievable results.  Last semester, I had one student remind us (the audience) that we were all pregnant teenagers and she was a success story coming back to the local high school to speak with us.  Presentations were thoughtfully put together and awesome.  Many students were somewhat apprehensive, but the anonymous final course evaluations highly regarded this aspect of the course.  I have taken a PowerPoint course myself, and we have a wonderful technical support person who also assisted.  About half of the class was already familiar with PowerPoint, and they were helpful to their classmates.  Students caught on very quickly, and the artistic ability of some of the students was incredible.

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During our exam time, each student will give a PowerPoint presentation. 

Project into the future that you have successfully graduated from college (IVCC plus whatever other professional training is needed to get a job in your career area).  See the career counselor to get specific information.  Also, use the career information that you learned in the computer lab.

You are now very successful in your career, and the principal from your high school or a favorite teacher has invited you back to the high school to speak to seniors about your present employment and life, why you chose the particular career that you did, your career successes, any situations that were difficult to overcome, what you feel has made you a success, and any words of encouragement that you have to offer these prospective graduates.

Creativity:  Suits are not expected unless you want to go that far, but dress the part to the best of your ability.  For example, if you are a nurse, you may be able to borrow some nursing wardrobe or equipment that would add to your presentation.  Be creative.  Let’s be serious, but also have fun with this.  You will be speaking to a very respectful audience who will be impressed with your accomplishments. 

This exam will be worth 50 points.

Criteria: (each area worth 10 points)

_____1.  The presenter speaks in a volume that the audience can hear. 

_____2.  The speaker maintains as much eye contact as possible.  Note cards may be used, but we hope that you will talk to us as much as possible and avoid reading to us from cards.  Another student may assist by moving the PowerPoint slides forward at the speaker’s indication. 

_____3.  Practice is apparent.

_____4.  Knowledge of the career is apparent.

_____5.  A minimum of five slides are prepared and presented.

_____ Total points

–Linda Thomas, Reading, Illinois Valley Community College, IL

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